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5815 Mission Road, Alameda, CA , 94586


Club K9 realizes that dog owners’ view their dogs as family members, not just family pets. Our goal is for the family dog to have as much fun as the owner while away from home. Hence our motto,“WHILE YOU’RE AWAY, YOUR DOG’S AT PLAY!” Most importantly, to ensure your dog feels comfortable in our social dog daycare program, we offer a free day of play. Your dog will be introduced to our team of dog lovers and interact with playmates. As a result, when your dog is familiar with Club K9, future dog boarding and dog daycare visits will be seamless.

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NameClub K9 Fremont-Sunol
Phone (+1) 925-862-1900
Location 5815 Mission Road
Alameda, CA 94586

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Phone: (+1) 925-862-1900
Email: info@clubk9sunol.com
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