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There are times when we must travel without our furry companions by our side, and wanting the best care for them while away is a must! Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center is equipped (and delighted) to provide excellent care, love, and plenty of playtime to the pets under our care. Whether you seek doggie daycare for your high-energy canine companion or a pampered stay for your favorite feline, we can safely and comfortably accommodate your pet. Because we are a full-service medical clinic, we can also care for pets with specific medical needs.

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NameRutland Veterinary Clinic & Surgical Center
Phone (+1) 802-773-2779
Location 90 E Pittsford Rd
Rutland, VT 5701


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Phone: (+1) 802-773-2779
Email: info@rutlandvet.com
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